Hand spliced marine rope dog & horse leads.

Waterproof & durable apollo strapping dog collars.

Avaliable in a variety of colours and sizes

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 Firstly, thank you for stopping by our website! Now for a bit of background..

I have relied on Working Dogs from day one of my career as a abattoir drover to station hand to livestock manager to at present a Livestock Contractor based in Victoria.  I have also  worked on various farms working cattle and sheep.

Our dogs need to be true all-rounders, show natural instinct and be able to work solo or part of a team without or with minimal instructions. Over the years with careful selection and good bloodlines they have developed into versitle, calm and strong dogs with a good work ethic.  We have succesfully sold working dogs at Castertons Annual Kelpie Auction since 2006, and a highlight was selling the "Millionth Dollar Dog" KippaKoop Boost at Casterton Auction for $5,500, this was achieved in 2010. And bred and trained the top price bitch Simmos Jugs for $6,000 in 2011. 

We have also been succesful in both cattle and sheep trials and this has proven to be a good way to showcase our dogs skills and prove we are breeding a dog for all situations . Over the years we have both enjoyed travelling to trials- having a bit of fun, catching up with friends and making new ones.

Our dogs are very much a part of our life, they deserve all our respect because after all where would we be without them...




Mathew Simmonds